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Topic 6: Accessing Grove Music Online (part of Oxford Music Online).[]

Purpose: A variety of full text reference materials (specialized to overviews about music) are available to Carroll students from Oxford

Note that in 2011, the Carroll Library opted to suspend the OMO (Groves) subscription. Interested students may wish to view the Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology page.

  1. Carroll Students, access the Carroll Homepage at using the preferred Firefox browser
  2. Choose Login
  3. Choose NexLearn
  4. Give your Login and Password
  5. Choose Library
  6. Choose Grove Music Online (onscreen title is Oxford Music Online from this screen).

Trouble with access? Please send comments and questions to me.

Note: Beginning August 2011, the new NexLearn prefers the Firefox browser

Note: Beginning September 2011, Oxford Music Online/Grove Music Online will be temporalily suspended. Expect this product back in Fall of 2012.

Topic 6A: Searching Grove Music Online[]

  1. Recommended: Choose Advanced Search
  2. Choose the checkoff boxes for: Oxford Music Online, Grove Music Online, and Oxford Companion to Music
  3. Type in a search (i.e., Calvinism) and select the Search button
  4. Choose an entry to view full text (when available)

Trouble with access? Please send comments or questions to me

Topic 6B: Researching with Grove Music Online[]

Purpose: Go deeper by refining search strategies in Grove Music Online; like a "rerun" on TV, "research" means "look again."

Try these 3 strategies:

Strategy 1: What are you looking for?

In NexLearn, different resources look for different types of information. Separating and combining the right resources will help you target your searching

If you're looking for: Then use: You'll get:
Full Text reference materials (overviews) on music Grove Music Online Full Text reference materials (overviews) on music

Strategy 2: What terms describe what you're looking for?

Keep a list of search terms you'v used, and of ones you find while searching. Both "abominable snowman" and "yeti" describe the same thing, but some citations may use both terms, and some only one- or the other! Make separate searches with alternative terms; mix it up to see if you've found all there is to find.

Strategy 3: Learn more about searching

From the Oxford Music Online login page, choose Guided Tour

Trouble with access? Please send comments or questions to me