Topic 3: Accessing (formerly Seminary Library)Edit

Purpose: Self described as an "online classic theology library," Seminary Library gives Carroll students access to religious studies materials (full text books) published before 1923. Keep these purpose and time-frame specializations in mind when choosing this resource! In September 2009, Seminary Library changed its name to

  1. Carroll students, access the Carroll homepage at using the preferred Firefox browser
  2. Choose Student
  3. Choose Resources
  4. Choose My Courses (Carroll Learning Center)
  5. Give your Login and Password
  6. Choose the "Triple Gate"- 3 horizontal bars icon (top right) for the Library
  7. Choose

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TIP: If you can't access as above, click here

Note: Beginning August 2011, the new NexLearn prefers the Firefox browser

Topic 3A: Searching Seminary Library /Books.Logos.comEdit

  1. Recommended: Choose Search
  2. Type in a search (i.e., Calvinism) and select the Search button
  3. Choose an entry to view full text (when available)

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Topic 3B: Researching with Seminary Library /Books.Logos.comEdit

Purpose: Go deeper by refining search strategies in Seminary Library (; like a "rerun" on TV, "research" means "look again."

Try these 3 strategies:

Strategy 1: What are you looking for?

In NexLearn, different resources look for different types of information. Separating and combining the right resources will help you target your searching

If you're looking for: Then use: You'll get:
Full text Religious Studies books written prior to 1923 Seminary Library ( Full text Religious Studies books written prior to 1923

Strategy 2: What terms describe what you're looking for?

Keep a list of search terms you'v used, and of ones you find while searching. Both "abominable snowman" and "yeti" describe the same thing, but some citations may use both terms, and some only one- or the other! Make separate searches with alternative terms; mix it up to see if you've found all there is to find.

Strategy 3: Learn more about searching

From the Seminary Library login page, choose Take a Tour

In Seminary Library, choose About, then choose Take a Tour

Or, click the ? beside the resource in NexLearn for a tutorial


TIP: (formerly known as Seminary Library) is a web-based online product of Logos Bible Software; newer materials (published after 1923) are frequently available in their Mac or PC-based (downloadable) products; specific packages are recommended to our students enrolling prior to Alpha Term 2010, and are required for our new doctoral students (enrolling for the first time) after Alpha Term 2010 as a discrete purchase by B.H. Carroll Theological Institute. Here's a page on the Carroll and Logos partnership, and here's a list comparing separate Logos PC-based products.

Another TIP: If you're looking for Full Text Books and didn't find what you want here, you can also try searching Questia (see Topic 4) or Google Books (see Topic 7); for non-full text citations, try searching OCLC FirstSearch and select the WorldCat database (see Topic 2), or Google Books (see Topic 7).

Learn where to find video versions of the Carroll Tutorials here...

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