BHCARLibrary Wiki

Topic 1: Accessing Our Carroll Learning Center (formerly known as NexLearn).[]

  1. Carroll Students, access the Carroll Homepage at using an up-to-date internet browser
  2. Choose Student
  3. Choose Resources
  4. Choose My Courses (Carroll Learning Center)
  5. Give your Login and Password (NOTE: Students and Faculty: Your Google account associated with your Carroll ".edu" address should be the data you will use to access the CLC at this step).
  6. Choose the "Book Icon" [formerly the "Triple Gate"- 3 horizontal bars icon (top right)] for the Library
  7. Make a selection from the Carroll Learning Center Library (including Ebsco, OCLC FirstSearch,, Proquest, Oxford Reference Online, Oxford Biblical Studies Online, Canterbury Dictionary of Music, Google Book Search, Online Resources, or Ask a Librarian).

Trouble with access? Please send comments and questions to me.

New and Notable:

  • Beginning June 1, 2021: The "Triple Gate" has been updated to a Library "Book Icon" at Step 6 above!
  • Learn where to find video versions of the Carroll Tutorials here...
  • Begining in Alpha Term 2011 (August 2011), the interface prefers up-to-date internet browsing software. Some older browsers may not work compatibly....
  • Beginning February 7, 2012, the formerly stand-alone Wilson Web database became part of the Ebsco interface.


Here's a TIP from our Carroll epub News From The Nexus (May-June 2011) for helping faculty and students transition to the new system, from ABHE-Solutions:

  • Make sure you are using up-to-date internet browsers that are compatible with the new data management system.
  • You cannot “go back” in your browser once you are on the My BHCTI login page without getting a “cookie error” message. You can resolve that by clicking “Home” on the BHCTI website, and it will give you a fresh start.
  • It could be possible that your browser is not set up to enable cookies [and it will need to be]
If you are using Firefox,
  • at the top of your browser, click on “Tools,”
  • then “Options.” Choose the “Privacy” option.
  • Make sure that “Accept cookies from sites”
  • and “Accept third-party cookies” is checked.
If you are using Safari,
  • at the top of the browser, click “Safari,”
  • then “Preferences.”
  • Choose the “Security” tab and click “Always” under Accept Cookies.”
  • Then click “Close.”

Another TIP from Carroll tech guru Carl Heath:

Various anonymous and privatization software packages block "http referrer" including popular firewalls, by default.

  • If a student has problems they should check if they have

software installed that blocks "http referrer" and deactivate, [see above]:

  • if it turns out to be a firewall, the firewall admin will need change settings to allow "http referrer".

Still another TIP:

Our Carroll Homepage at tells a bit more about the CLC

Trouble with access? Please send comments and questions to me.