Topic 1: Accessing Our Carroll Learning Center (formerly known as NexLearn). Edit

  1. Carroll Students, access the Carroll Homepage at using an up-to-date internet browser
  2. Choose Student
  3. Choose Resources
  4. Choose My Courses (Carroll Learning Center)
  5. Give your Login and Password (NOTE: Students and Faculty: Your Username is your e-mail address, and your Password should be the same as you have used previously and received from Carroll).

  1. Choose the "Triple Gate"- 3 horizontal bars icon (top right) for the Library
  2. Make a selection from the Carroll Learning Center Library (including Ebsco, OCLC FirstSearch,, Questia, Proquest, Oxford Reference Online, Oxford Biblical Studies Online, Canterbury Dictionary of Music, Google Book Search, Online Resources, or Ask a Librarian).

Trouble with access? Please send comments and questions to me.

New and Notable:

  • Learn where to find video versions of the Carroll Tutorials here...
  • Begining in Alpha Term 2011 (August 2011), the interface prefers up-to-date internet browsing software. Some older browsers may not work compatibly....
  • Beginning February 7, 2012, the formerly stand-alone Wilson Web database became part of the Ebsco interface.


Here's a TIP from our Carroll epub News From The Nexus (May-June 2011) for helping faculty and students transition to the new system, from ABHE-Solutions:

  • Make sure you are using up-to-date internet browsers that are compatible with the new data management system.
  • You cannot “go back” in your browser once you are on the My BHCTI login page without getting a “cookie error” message. You can resolve that by clicking “Home” on the BHCTI website, and it will give you a fresh start.
  • It could be possible that your browser is not set up to enable cookies [and it will need to be]
If you are using Firefox,
  • at the top of your browser, click on “Tools,”
  • then “Options.” Choose the “Privacy” option.
  • Make sure that “Accept cookies from sites”
  • and “Accept third-party cookies” is checked.
If you are using Safari,
  • at the top of the browser, click “Safari,”
  • then “Preferences.”
  • Choose the “Security” tab and click “Always” under Accept Cookies.”
  • Then click “Close.”

Another TIP from Carroll tech guru Carl Heath:

Various anonymous and privatization software packages block "http referrer" including popular firewalls, by default.

  • If a student has problems they should check if they have

software installed that blocks "http referrer" and deactivate, [see above]:

  • if it turns out to be a firewall, the firewall admin will need change settings to allow "http referrer".

Still another TIP:

Our Carroll Homepage at tells a bit more about the CLC

Trouble with access? Please send comments and questions to me.

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