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Our Carroll Students have developed materials useful enough to share. Here's the first wave:

Software Help: Microsoft Publisher[]

From Sharon, in December 2013: "In trying to read something a friend sent me that was a Publisher document, I could not open it because my Publisher 2002 program was too old. I went to Best Buy to get an update, only to learn that Publisher is now part of the Office Professional 2013, but that costs $399.99. Then I learned from the salesman that Microsoft offers student discounts.

I called Microsoft Store and they sold me the Office Professional for students called "Microsoft 365 University." It is the same program as the Professional. Right now, with a student email or ID, it cost me $79.99 for four years, and can fit five computers, including a smart phone or tablet."

If you are a Carroll stakeholder with a tip, don't hold out!

Pagination Help: Office 2010[]

From Marvin, in January 2014:"using MS Word 2010, this is what I had to do to correct my page numbers, so page one, would start on page two.   It took several attempts, until I finally figured out where my curser had to be in the doc. Also these are the steps, if you want your numbering in the bottom center, which was just my choice. Maybe this will help

1. Open a Word Doc.

2. Add 2-3 pages (blank)

3. click on page 2

4. click "Page Layout"

5. click "Breaks"

6. Put curser down at the bottom of "Page 2", then double click (your footer area should open)

7.Under Navigation - click  - "LINK TO PREVIOUS" - to turn it off !

8. Under header/footer section - click "Page Number"

9. click "Format  Page Number" - - this should open a box - click "start at"  and insert "1"

10. click - OK

11. click page number (again) - highlight "Bottom of Page"

12 select - "Plane number 2"

More to come!