Here's a page sketching each of the 19 (at the time of this writing) Colloquies hosted by Carroll.

Colloquies and Presenters[edit | edit source]

Our Colloquy Series has included:

  1. Jesus and Islam (2005) presented by: Colleen M. Keyes, Warren F. Larson, Naeem Mustaq, and William R. O’Brien
  2. Life in the Midst of Death (2006) presented by: Kenneth Cooper, Jerry Reynolds, and Sharen Wilson
  3. Preaching (2006) presented by: Michael Quicke
  4. Creation Pathways: Intersections of Faith and Science (2007) presented by: Dorothy F. Chappell, Stan D. Gaede, and John Weaver
  5. God's Existence (2007) presented by: Richard Swinburne
  6. The Moral Maze (2008) presented by: Edward David Cook
  7. Cross Culture (2008) presented by: Bruce Winter
  8. Worship: Engaging with God (2009) presented by: David Peterson and Bruce Leafblad
  9. Baptists (2009) presented by: Karen Bullock, Pamela Durso, James Leo Garrett, Carrol Holcomb, Sheila Klopher, and Kirsten Timmer
  10. Faith and Power (2010) presented by: D. Michael Lindsay
  11. Arts (2010) presented by: Calvin Miller and David Naugle
  12. Postmodernism (2010) presented by: Merold Westphal and B. Keith Putt
  13. Counseling (2011) presented by: Terry Hargrave
  14. Generational Journeys (2011) presented by: Wynona Elder, Scotty Gray,  Jimmie L. Nelson, William R. "Bill" O'Brien, William B. "Bill" Tolar, and James D. "Jim" Williams
  15. Human Rights (2012) presented by: Raimundo C. Barreto, Jr.
  16. African Spirituality (2013) presented by: David Crutchley
  17. The Book of the Twelve (2013) presented by: Paul Redditt
  18. Walking with God (2013) presented by: Gerald L. Borchert
  19. Mighty Works (2014) presented by: Craig Keener

More about our Presenters[edit | edit source]

Towards a Bibliography from Colloquies Past[edit | edit source]

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