Carroll Dissertations coming to Theological Research Exchange Network: TREN

Purpose: Carroll Doctoral students have been creating dissertations, and B. H. Carroll Theological Institute is proud to house them with the Theological Research Exchange Network: TREN

Watch this space as more dissertations are added to TREN. To date, TREN includes:

Classification And Analysis Of Intertextuality In Deutero-Zecharia

BRYAN, William J.     Ph.D. 2011

TREN Id: 150-0013

A Communal Model Of Ecclesial Leadership For A Postmodern Context: A Comparative Study Between Robert Greenleaf's Servant Leadership And Stanley Grenz's Community

HORTON, Justin     Ph.D. 2016

TREN Id: 150-0012

Coping Strategies Of Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors And Primary Caregivers

ADAMS, Deana Hancock     Ph.D. 2012

TREN Id: 150-0011

The Development Of A Faith Based Instrument To Measure Capacity For Resliience In Children

MELIA, Shelly     Ph.D. 2014

TREN Id: 150-0002

The Ecclesiology Of Martin Luther King, Jr. As Foundational For His Influence On The Civil Rights Movement In America

FELTON, Keith Russell     Ph.D. 2013

TREN Id: 150-0001

The Function Of The Double Love Command Against Covetousness In The Epistle Of James

GRESHAM, Sharon L.     Ph.D. 2018

TREN Id: 150-0007

Holy Or Unholy ? A Comparative Ethical Analysis Of Robert Gagnon's And David Gushee's Views On Same Sex Relationships

ASHLOCK, Aaron Coleman     Ph.D. 2019

TREN Id: 150-0015

Lord Of The Sabbath: The Relational Hermeneutic Of Jesus In The Context Of Second Temple Judaism

WORLEY, Randall     Ph.D. 2017

TREN Id: 150-0010

The Necessity Of Social Justice For Ecclesial Praxis In A Postmodern Context

BOURSIER, Helen Taylor     Ph.D. 2012

TREN Id: 150-0003

Pastoral Leadership For Congregational Change: An Evaluation Of Edwin Friedman's Theory Of Nonanxious Leadership In Congregations

JONES, C. Scott     Ph.D. 2016

TREN Id: 150-0014

Recognizing Theology? A Critical Analysis Of The Development Of Sub-Saharan African Theology Since Eatwot 1977

NDUNG'U , James     Ph.D. 2013

TREN Id: 150-0008

Sola Scriptura As A Foundational Cause For Redefining Marriage In The Magisterial Reformation

TOLLISON, Justin Nealson     Ph.D. 2015

TREN Id: 150-0009

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