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While Carroll owns approximately 30,000 print books, about two-thirds of these are in storage. I have access to about 10,000 at our office space in Irving, but they are needing some organization. As an occasional project (until my relocation), watch this space for titles likely to be of interest to visiting Carroll scholars.

Print books known to be accessable at Carroll hub[]

Selected, 2009, revised 2011

  1. BF1407 .C85 1991 Harper's Encyclopedia of of mysticism and paranormal experience Guiley, Rosemary Ellen
  2. BL48 .A45 1996 AARSBL Abstracts
  3. BL48 .K67 Religion and the Christian Kraemer, H.
  4. BL51 .B245 Religion and the challenge of philosophy Barnhart, J. E.
  5. BL51 .E86 1985 Philosophy of religion thinking about faith Evans, C. Stephen
  6. BL51 .G684 1996 God philosophy and academic culture Wainwright, William J. (ed)
  7. BL51 .M246 1965 Philosophy of religion McPherson, Thomas
  8. BL51 .R47 1966 Faith and Philosophy Richmond, James
  9. BL51 .S32 1939 Tennant's philosophical theology Scudder, Delton Lewis
  10. BL51 .R5988 1993 Philosophy of religion an introduction Rowe, William L.
  11. BL53 .B45 Intergration of religion and psychiatry Biddle, W. Earl
  12. BL53 .O29 Psychology of Religion Oates, Wayne Edward
  13. BL54 .B72 1972 Speaking in tongues Bray, John L.
  14. BL54 .B8 Tongues to speak or not to speak Burdick, Donald W.
  15. BL54 .H4 Tongues healing and you Hillis, Don W.
  16. BL240.2 .C27 1991 Myth and the crisis of historical conciousness Gibbs, Lee W. (ed.)
  17. BM487 .B7 1956 Second thoughts on the Dead Sea scrolls Bruce, F. F.
  18. BM487 .P45 1969 Dead sea scrolls Pfeiffer, Charles
  19. BM487 .R678 Dead sea scrolls and the New Testament Rowley, H. H.
  20. BL504 .H6 Death and eastern thought Holck, Frederick H.
  21. BM535 .B28 Israel and the church Barth, Markus
  22. BM560 .H44 1970 Judaism and modern man Herberg, Will
  23. BM560 .H45 Between God and man Heschel, Abraham Joshua
  24. BM560.F4 Beliefs and practices of Judaism Finkelstein, Louis
  25. BM561 .D4 what makes a Jew Dewitz, Ludwig R.
  26. BM561 .H44 1983 Judaism and modern man Herberg, Will
  27. BM561 .H46 1961 God in search of man Heschel, Abraham Joshua [two copies]
  28. BM601 .C63 Condition of Jewish belief
  29. BM601.C6 1964 Natural and the supernatural Jew Cohen, Arthur Allen
  30. BP602 .S66 Spiritual community guide
  31. BP602.F74 1972 Year one catalog Friedlander, Ira
  32. BP603 .B3711 1989 New religious movements Barker, Eileen
  33. BP603 .E58 Lure of the cults Enroth, Ronald M.
  34. BP605.E3 T89 1966 Introduction to Eckankar Twitchell
  35. BP605.N48 G78 Unmasking the new age Groothuis, Douglas R.
  36. BP605.N48 N49 1993 New age spirituality Ferguson, Duncan S.
  37. BR115.C8 N52 Contextualization a theology of gospel and culture Nicholls, Bruce J.
  38. BR115.P7 C48 Profiles in politics Clouse, Robert L.
  39. BR515 .M2 Religion American style McNamara, Patrick H.
  40. BR516 .E88 Religious Liberty Estep, W. R.
  41. BR856 .H25 1942 Fading light: the tragedy of spiritual decline in Germany Hammond, T. C.
  42. BR1285 .K84 Confucius, Mao, and Christ Kauffman, Paul E.
  43. BR1220 .K6 1970 Revival in Indonesia Koch, Kurt
  44. BR1640 .A25 H45 God Revelation and Authority Henry, Carl F. H.
  45. BR1640 .B54 V.1 Essentials of evangelical theology Bloesch, Donald G.
  46. BR1640 .B55 Evangelical renaissance Bloesch, Donald G.
  47. BR1640 .D38 1994 Foundations of evangelical theology Davis, John J.
  48. BR1640 .E926 1986 Evangelicalism surviving its success Evangelical round table
  49. BR1640 .H86 1987 Evangelicalism the coming generation Hunter, James Davison
  50. BR1640 .M4 1995 Evangelicalism and the future of Christianity McGrath, Alister
  51. BR1642 .U5 J67 Evangelicals in the White House Jorstad, Erling
  52. BR1642 .U5 S62 1998 American evangelicalism: embattled and thriving Smith, Christian
  53. BR1642 .U5 N65 1994 Scandal of the Evangelical mind Noll, Mark A.
  54. BR1643 .C37 N45 1987 Making and unmaking of an Evangelical Mind: The case of Edward Carnell Nelson, Rudolph
  55. BR1643 .H47 P37 1983 Carl F.H. Henry Patterson, Bob E.
  56. BR1644 .B575 Strange doctrine Bisagno, John R.
  57. BR1664 .H85 Fire in the fireplace: contemporary charismatic renewal Hummel, Charles E.
  58. BR1644 .P46 1996 Pentecostal movements as an ecumenical challenge Moltmann, Jurgen
  59. BR1725 .R62 A3 Autobiography of Pat Robertson
  60. BS191 .A1 1971 .N48 Bible containing the Old and New Testaments
  61. BS192 .I6 1989 .N48 Revised English Bible
  62. BS195 .J4 1966 Jerusalem Bible
  63. BS410 .S65 1992 Society of Biblical Literature Seminar Papers Society of Biblical Literature
  64. BS449 .K64 1985 All about bibles Kohlenberger, John R.
  65. BS465 .F5 Which books belong in the Bible? A study of the Canon Filson, Floyd Vivian
  66. BS475 .P33 Bible: its origin its significance and its abiding worth Peake, Arthur S.
  67. BS475.2 .C27 Bible: God's word to man Carledge, Samuel A.
  68. BS476 .F45 1986 Biblical hermeneutics an introduction Ferguson, Duncan S.
  69. BS476 .G78 1991 Meaning and understanding the philosophical framework for biblical interpretation Gruenler, Royce Gordon
  70. BS476 .H35 1982 Biblical exegesis a beginner's handbook Hayes, John H.
  71. BS476 .H613 Interpreting the Bible Hofmann, J. Chr. K. von
  72. BS476 .S353 Balaam's apocalyptic prophecies a study in reading scripture Seerveld, Calvin G.
  73. BS480 .B872 1900Z nature and authority of the Bible Burrows, V. A.
  74. BS480 .B874 Understanding biblical inerrancy Bush, L. Russ
  75. BS480 .D32 Debate about the Bible Davis, Stephen T.
  76. BS480 .C53 C.S. Lewis on scripture Christensen, Michael J.
  77. BS480 .H76 Does the Bible really work? Hubbard, David A.
  78. BS480 .H9 Bible says Huxtable, John
  79. BS480 .I44 Infallable word: a symposium Westminster Theological Seminary
  80. BS480 .I6 S69 1980 Explaining inerrancy a commentary Sproul, R. C.
  81. BS480 .L35 1988 Culture and biblical hermaneutics: interpreting and applying Larkin, William J
  82. BS480 .L55 Battle for the Bible Lindsell, Harrold
  83. BS480 .M334 1983 Biblical inspiration Marshall, I. Howard
  84. BS476 .B48 1992 Beyond the impasse? James, B. Robinson
  85. BS480 .O85 1995 Three crucial questions about the Bible Osborne, Grant R.
  86. BS480 .P2318 Beyond the battle for the Bible Packer, J. I.
  87. BS480 .P618 1972 Biblical revelation Pinnock, Clark H.
  88. BS480 .S334 1976 No final conflict Schaeffer, Francis A.
  89. BS480 .T53 Thinking straight about the Bible Tidwell, J. B.
  90. BS480 .Y6 Thy word is truth Young, Edward J.
  91. BS491 .D3 New Bible commentary Davidson, F.
  92. BS491 .S77 1950 Pulpit commentary Spence-Jones, H. D. M.
  93. BS491.2 .E96 Vol. 12 Expositor's Bible Commenary Vol. 12 Gaebelein, Frank E.
  94. BS500 .B78 Texts under negotiation Brueggemann, Walter
  95. BS500 .D63 1992 Biblical interpretation then and now Dockery, David S.
  96. BS500 .G56 1954 Envangelical nonconformists and higher criticism in the 19th century Glover, Willis B. Jr.
  97. BS500 .M62 1986 Between faith and criticism Noll, Mark A.
  98. BS500 .W5 Inspiration and interpretation Walvoord, John W.
  99. BS511 .C377 1947 Vol. 15 Colossians, Ephesians, and Hebrews Carroll, B. H.
  100. BS511.2 .M5713 Marx and the Bible Miranda, Jose
  101. BS511.2 .S6 Intepretation of scripture Smart, James D.
  102. BS680.F83 R38 1993 After death judgment or recycling Rath, Ralph
  103. BT1101 .C278 Christian commitment Carnell, Edward
  104. BT1101 .D35 1949 On to orthodoxy Davies, D. R.
  105. BT1101 .G Handbook of Christian apologetics Garvie, Alfred E.
  106. BT1101 .H52 Giving a reason for our hope Henry, Carl F.
  107. BT1101 .L27 Barriers to belief Langford, Norman F.
  108. BT1101 .M8 1905 Why is Christianity true Mullins, E. Y.
  109. BT1101 .R15 Problems in Christian apologetics Ramm, Bernard
  110. BT1101 .R44 1948 Christian apologetics Richardson, Alan
  111. BT1101 .S67 1945 Therefore, stand Smith, Wilbur M.
  112. BT1101 .W14 Stop looking and listen Walsh, Chad
  113. BT1102 .B244 Developing a Christian mind Barcus, Nancy B.
  114. BT1102 .B428 1993 Intellectuals don't need God and other modern myths McGrath, Alister
  115. BT1102 .B546 Faith and its counterfeits Bloesch, Donald G.
  116. BT1102 .B79 Handbook for Christian philosophy Bush, L. Russ
  117. BT1102 .B79 1978 Handbook for Christian philosophy Bush, Russ 1978
  118. BT1102 .C278 Handbook to Christian apologetics Carnell, Edward
  119. BT1102 .C278 Kingdom of love and the pride of life Carnell, Edward
  120. BT1102 .C59 1986 Thinking about faith Cook, David
  121. BT1102 .C615 1993 Reasonable Faith Corduan, Winfried
  122. BT1102 .C78 1988 Christian faith and its contemporary rivals Cunningham, Richard B.
  123. BT1102 .C8 crisis of moral authority Cupitt, Don
  124. BT1102 .G45 Reasons for faith Gerstner, John H.
  125. BT1102 .G66 Me myself and who Gordon, Ernest
  126. BT1102 .G72 Picking up the pieces Graham, W. Fred
  127. BT1102 .P56 1989 unapologetic theology Placher, William C.
  128. BT695.5 .S255 1985 Travail of nature Santmire, H. Paul
  129. BT701 .B2 Man in nature and in grace Babbage, Stuart Barton
  130. BT701 .M36 importance of being human Mascall, E. L.
  131. BT701.2 .T485 Christ and consciousness Thompson, William M.
  132. BT701.2 .V45 1970 Somewhat less than God Verduin, Leonard
  133. BT82.2 .H34 1999 Forcing God's hand Halsell, Grace
  134. BT846.2 .C66 1992 Eclipse of heaven Conyers, A. J.
  135. BT846.2 .S3 Wrath of heaven Schoonhoven, Calvin R.
  136. BT876 .B71523 1989 Two resurrections Bray, John L.
  137. BT885 .E3 What the Bible says about the second coming Earle, Ralph
  138. BT885 .L23 Blessed hope Ladd, George Eldon two copies
  139. BT885 .M35 Unbelievable pre-trib origin MacPherson, Dave
  140. BT886 .L3 Jesus Christ and history Ladd, George Eldon
  141. BT890 .E68 contemporary options in eschatology Erickson, Millard J.
  142. BT891 .B729 Millennium Bray, John L.
  143. BT891 .B85 1999 Lure of the millennium Bulman, Raymond
  144. BT891 .C87 Ruler of the kings of the earth Currell, R. G.
  145. BT891 .J62 What, where, and when is the millenium? Jones, R. Bradley
  146. BT891 .M4 1977 meaning of the millennium Clouse, Robert L.
  147. BT891 .R47 Return of the millennium Bettis, Joseph
  148. BT902 .G73 Greeley, Andrew Death and beyond
  149. BT902 .H27 1992 Immortality the other side of death Habermas, Gary R.
  150. BT902 .K4 Afterlife Kelsey, Morton T.
  151. BT902 .M67 After death; a sure and certain hope? Motyer, J. A.
  152. BT919 .C53 1960 Evidence of eternity Clark, Hazel Davis
  153. BT921 .B85 Christian hope Brown, William Adams
  154. BT921 .G7 Faith and immortality Jones, E. Griffith
  155. BT921 .L6 Belief in God and immortality Leuba, James H.
  156. BT975 .B37 Deliver us from evil Basham, Don
  157. BT975 .U5 Biblical demonology Unger, Merrill
  158. BT981 .S5 Soundings in satanism Sheed, F. J.
  159. BT981 .T39 Victory over the devil Taylor, Jack R.
  160. BT981 .T5 Chains of the spirit Timmons, Tim
  161. BT981 .W75 1990 Satan syndrome Wright, Nigel
  162. BV210 .F57 Meaning of prayer Fosdick, Harry Emerson
  163. BV250 .H3 Prayers for special days and occasions Hallock G.
  164. BV3793 .B27 1964 Evangelism and contemporary issues Baker, Gordon Pratt
  165. BV4520.L443 1936 Winning others to Christ Leavell, Roland Q.
  166. BV4905.2 .S787 Five cries of grief Strommen, Merton P.
  167. BV600 .B8663 Misunderstanding of the church Brunner, Emil
  168. BX6331.D48 D43 1996 Defining Baptist convictions Deweese, Charles W.
  169. D16.2 .N51 1957 use and abuse of history Nietzsche, Friedrich
  170. D16.8 .D7 Philosophy of History Dray, William H.
  171. D16.8 .H462 Reason in history Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich
  172. E185.97.L57 C8 1991 Malcolm X and black pride Cwiklik, Robert
  173. F1435.3.K55 S34 1990 Forest of kings Schele, Linda
  174. GR600 .B5 Magic symbols of the world Binder, Pearl
  175. HD58.8 .W386 1990 Adhocracy the power to change Waterman, Robert H. Jr.
  176. HN65 .R59 Second american revolution Whitehead, John W.
  177. LB2335.7 .C65 1973 Faculty tenure Commission on academic tenure
  178. LB2369 .T8 Manual for writers of term papers theses and dissertations revised edition [1955] Turabian, Kate L.
  179. M2198.B276 S6 1980 solo music of gene bartlett
  180. MT50.R49 H3 1942 harmony made plain Reynolds, Isham Emmanuel
  181. N70 .T48 art and human intelligence Tejera, Victorino
  182. ND1143 .F69 looking at modern painting Freedman, Leonard
  183. ND1150 .G5 1957 painting and reality Gilson, Etienne
  184. ND1265 B36 1946N What is modern painting? Barr, Alfred Hamilton
  185. ND1265 G74 1957N Expressionists Grohmann, Will
  186. ND1265 S333 [N] Cubism Schmeller, Alfred
  187. ND2829 S27 N67 1962N Life of Buddha in frescoes Vihara, Mulagandhakuti
  188. NK65 W67 1961N World history of minor arts Tschacbasov, Nahum
  189. NX180 R4 A78 1976N Arts in the churches and synagogues of North Carolina McLaughlin, Jean
  190. NX282 M32 1966 When man is an artist McMurray, Nancy A.
  191. NX456.5 P7 T67 1991N Gone primative Torgornick, Marianna
  192. NX650 C5 N4 1971N Christianity and contemporary art forms Newport, John P. 3 copies
  193. NX650 S8 M32 1969N Through the vanishing point McLuhan, Marshall
  194. P85 M23 S7 1969N McLuhan hot and cold Stearn, Gerald
  195. P85 M25 R6 1969N McLuhan pro and con Rosenthal, Raymond
  196. P85 P54 P55 [1981N] Ken Pike: scholar and christian Pike, Eunice V.
  197. P90 C3 1966N Explorations in communication Carpenter, Edumund
  198. P90 M258 [1967N] Medium is the massage McLuhan, Marshall
  199. P90 M2583 F5 [1968N] Sense and nonsense of McLuhan Finkelstein, Sidney
  200. P90 M26 [1964N] Understanding Media McLuhan, Marshall
  201. P91 H34 1967N Popular arts Hall, Stuart
  202. Z1039 C65 A75 1990N Book wars Atlas, James

Print Periodicals (print copies of magazines and journals) arranged at Carroll hub:[]

Selected, 2011

American Baptist Quarterly
V.XVII, No.2 June 1999 [1 issue]

Biblical Archaeology Review
V.29, nos.1-6, 2003 [6 issues: January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August, September/October, November/December

Bibliotheca Sacra
V.129, No.513 1972 January-March [1 issue]

Ching Feng: Quarterly Notes on Christianity and Chinese Religion and Culture
V.XVI, No. 1 1973
V.XVI, No.2 1973
V.XVII. No. 1, 1074
[3 issues]

Chaplaincy Today
V.21, No.1, Spring/Summer 2005
V.21. No.2, Autumn/Winter 2005
V.22, No.1. Spring/Summer 2006
V.22, No.2 Autumn/Winter 2006
V.23, No.1 Spring/Summer 2007
[5 issues]

Christian Ethics Today
V.10, No.4 Fall 2004
V.10, No.5 Christmas 2004
V.11, No. 1, Winter 2005
V.11, No.2, Spring 2005
V.11, No. 3, Summer 2005
V.11, No. 4, Fall 2005
V.11, No.5, Christmas 2005
V.12, No. 1 Winter 2006 [2 copies]
V.12, No. 2 Spring 2006
V.12, No. 3 Summer 2006 [2 copies]
V.12, No. 4 Fall 2006 [3 copies]
V.12, No. 5 Christmas 2006 [2 copies]
V.13, No.1 Winter 2007 [2 copies]
V.13, No.2 Spring 2007 [2 copies]
V.13, No.3 Summer 2007
V.13, No.4 Fall 2007
V.13, No.5, December [Christmas]2007 [2 copies]
V.14, No.1 Winter 2008
V.14, No.2 Spring 2008
V.14, No.3 Summer 2008 [2 copies]
V.15, No.1 Winter 2009
V.15, No.2, Spring 2009 [2 copies]
V.16, No.1 Winter 2010 [2 copies]
V.16, No.2 Winter 2010
V.19, No.2 Spring 2011
[39 total issues of CET, including 2nd and 3rd copies]

Christian History
V.4 No.2 [Baptists]
V.4 No.3 [CSL]
V.4 No.1 [Anabaptists]
V.4 No.4 [Johnathan Edwards][2 copies]
V.5 No.2 [Pietism]
V.5 No.3 [John Bunyan]
V.7 No.1, Issue 17 [Women in the early Church][2 copies]
V.8, No.3 Issue 23 [Spiritual Awakenings in the Early Church]
V.9, No.1, Issue 25 [DL Moody]
V.9, No.2, Issue 26 [Salvation Army]
V.9 No.3 Issue 27 [Persecution in the Early Church]
V.9, No. 4 Issue 28 [100 events]
V.10, No.1 Issue 29 [Spurgeon] [2 copies]
V.10, No.2, Issue 30 [Women in medieval Church]
V.10, No. 3, Issue 31 [Hymns]
V.10 No. 4, Issue 32 [Bonhoeffer]
V.11 No.1 Issue 33 [Civil War]
V.11 No.2 Issue 34 [Martin Luther Early Years]
V.11 No.3, Issue 36 [William Carey]
V.12, No.1 Issue 37 [Worship in the Early Church]
V.12 No.2 Issue 38 [Whitefield]
V.12 No.3 Issue 39 [Later Luther]
V.12 No.4 Issue 40 [Crusades]
V.13 No.4 Issue 44 [Chrystostom]
V.14 No.2 Issue 46 [Knox]
V.21 No.2 Issue 74 [Christians and Muslims]
V.21 No.3 Issue 75 [GKC]
V.21, No.4 Issue 76 [Christianity and Scientific Revolution]
V.22, No.1, Issue 77 [Johnathan Edwards]
V.22, No.2, Issue 78 [JRRT]
V.22 No.3, Issue 79 [African Evangelists]
V.22 No.4, Issue 80 [Church Fathers]
[33 total issues, including second copies]

Christian History and Biography
Issue 81, Winter 2004
Issue 82, Spring 2004
[2 total issues]

Christianity and Literature
V.50 No.1 Autumn 2000
V.50 No.3 Spring 2001
V.50 No. 4 Summer 2001 [2 copies]
4 total issues, including 2nd copies]

College and University
V.55, No. 1 Fall 1979
V.55, No. 3 Spring 1980
V.58, No. 3, Spring 1983

Winter 1967 [Religion in America. Back Issue] Dialogue and Alliance: A Journal of the International Religious Foundation*
Fall 1992, V.6, No.1

Evangelical Quarterly*
V.25 No.4 October 1953
V.26 No.2 April 1954 Faith and Mission*
V.1, No.2 Spring 1984
V.3, No.2 Spring 1986 [3 copies]
Faith and Philosophy*
V.6, No.4 October 1989
V.7, 1-3 1990
V.8, No.2 1991
V.9, No.1-4 1992
V.10, No.1-4, 1993
V.11, No-4 1994
V.12, No. 1-4 1995
V.13, No.1-4 1996
V.14, No.1-4 1997
V.15. No.1-4, 1998
V.16, No.1-4 1999
V.17, No.1, January 2000
[39 total copies]

Golden Light*
V.3, No.1, 1960

Harvard Divinity School Bulletin*
V.XLV, No.8, April 6 1948

Harvard Divinity Bulletin*
April 1962
January 1966
April 1964

V12 No.4 October 1958
V.48 No.2 1994

V.6 No.1-4 1985
V.7 No.1-4 1986
V.8, No.1, 3-4 1987
V.9, No.1-4 1988
V.10 No.1-4 1989
V.11, No.1,2 1990

Journal of Biblical Literature
Index, v.61-100 (1941-1981)
V.109, 1, 3-4 1990
V.118, 1 &2 1999
V.119, 3 and 4, 2000

Print periodicals organized, but not fully inventoried, below:

Journal of Church and State [24 issues]
Journal of the College and University Personnel Association [1 issue]
Journal of the American Academy of Religion [AAR. 63 issues]
Leadership [21 issues]
Liberal and Fine Arts Review [2 issues]
Oklahoma Baptist Chronicle [1 issue]
Perspectives in Religious Studies[69 issues]
Philosophia Christi [4 issues]
Reflections: Center of Theological Inquiry [1 issue]
Reformation and Revival [1 issue]
Review and Expositor[184 issues]
Semeia [1 issue]
Southwest Philosophy Review [23 issues]
Southwestern Journal of Theology [58 issues]
Southwestern News [2 issues]
Taos Review [1 issue]
Texas Baptist History [1 issue]
Theological Education [10 issues]
Truett Journal of Church and Mission [1 issue]
Update: Quarterly Journal on New Religious Movements* [1 issue]
World Order: A Bahai Journal [1 issue]