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Self-described as "an indispensable reference work for all serious students of hymnology" The Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology was revised in Britain by the Hymn Society as a website, the "best solution" for producing the scholarly work, which includes "hyperlinks, hypertext, illustrations, and musical examples."

Accessing Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology:[]

Here are the basics to access Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology:

  1.     Carroll Students, access the Carroll Homepage at using the preferred Firefox browser
  2.     Choose Students
  3.     Choose Resources
  4.     Choose My Courses
  5.     Give your Login and Password
  6.     Choose the "Triple Gate"- 3 horizontal bars icon (top right) for the Library
  7.     Choose Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology

Note: The Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnlogy was added to the NexLearn Library in Alpha Term of 2014.

Searching Cambridge Dictionary of Hymnology[]

Enter a search term (i.e, 'Calvinism') in the Search box, then choose Search


Choose the "Browse Articles" option at the top of the screen


Select the  "Categories" option to browse through classifed topics including:

  • Eras
  • Collections
  • Hymns
  • People
  • Places
  • Traditions

Learn where to find video versions of the Carroll Tutorials here...

Trouble with access? Please send comments or questions to me