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Accessing Cambridge Histories Online.[]

Purpose: A variety of full text reference materials (both general and specialized to religious studies) are available to Carroll students from Cambridge. Cambridge made a significant change to their interface in September 2016, and these revised instructions reflect that change.

  1. Carroll Students, access the Carroll Homepage at
  2. Choose Students
  3. Choose My Courses
  4. On the Carroll Learning Center (CLC) page, give your Login and Password (NOTE: Students and Faculty: Your Username is your e-mail address, and your Password should be the same as you have used previously and received from Carroll).
  5. Choose the "Triple Gate"- 3 horizontal bars icon (top right) for the Library
  6. Choose Library
  7. From the resource list, choose Cambridge Histories Online.
  8. From the pass through screen, take note of the username and password that must be input on the following page, then select the link shown above them
  9. Choose 'log in' (the first blue link box on the screen)
  10. Input the username and password from the prior screen, then choose Log In
  11. From the 'Cambridge Core' Screen, choose "What We Publish" from the menu
  12. Then choose "Collections" from the list
  13. Next, choose "Cambridge Histories" from the list of collections
  14. From the "Cambridge Histories" screen, type in a search, i.e., Zwingli
  15. On the results list page that comes up, look at the left hand screen, and choose to access "Only content I have access to" (i.e., what Carroll subscribes to) and then choose the Search button (Magnifying glass icon)
  16. Select an entry on its title to view
  17. Scroll down and select the PDF icon for an entry to read it in full text

Trouble with access? Please send comments and questions to me.

New and Notable:

Cambridge activated significant changes to their interface in September 2016; but the login above will still interface with the Cambridge page for the specific Cambridge Histories Online (CHO) collection at and with our BHCTI Library Catalog page if the login procedure above is followed first.


From the CHO link you can open a list of titles for the collection by selecting the "Download list of titles" command (in html or MS Excel format). Carroll titles are those placed online in March 2008; some titles in the list will not be accessible in the current Carroll CHO collection.

Alternative Access to CHO from the Cambridge Login: follow this path:

  • After Login, choose What We Publish, then choose Cambridge Histories from the list of collections

See our BHCTI Library Catalog page of this wiki to search for links to individual titles in CHO.

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Another TIP:

Cambridge Core User Guide is available here

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