Books by B.H. Carroll in e-format, from a variety of free, full-text sources

By B. H. Carroll: Carroll, B. H. (Benajah Harvey), 1843-1914.[edit | edit source]

Die annexion von Texas: ein beitrag zur geschichte der Monroe-doktrin (Berlin: Friedrich Wilhelms Universität, 1904)

Evangelistic Sermons (New York: Fleming H. Revell Company, 1913. Compiled by J. B. Cranfill) including the sermons

  1. The Prodigal Son
  2. Salvation From Sin
  3. The Nature And Person Of Our Lord
  4. Comfort In The Shepherd's Staff
  5. The Shining Of The Face Of Moses
  6. Watch, Work, War
  7. Blessed Are They That Mourn
  8. No Cross, No Crown
  9. God's Help In The Hour Of Trial
  10. Encouragement To Prayer
  11. Volunteers, Not Conscripts, For The Army Of Jesus

Genesis of American anti-missionism (Louisville, KY: Baptist Book Concern, 1902)

An Interpretation of the English Bible series (with J. B. Cranfill, multiple volumes)

Political history of Europe, from 1815 to 1848 : based on continental authorities (Waco: Baylor University Press, [1906])

Sermons and life sketch of B.H. Carroll, D.D. (Philadephia: The American Baptist Publication Society, 1893. Compiled by J. B. Cranfill) including the sermons:

  1. My infidelity and what became of it
  2. The Death of Spurgeon
  3. Watching Jesus on the Cross
  4. Love
  5. Love the Brotherhood
  6. The Treasury
  7. Sermon to Preachers
  8. The Choice of Moses
  9. God and the Devil
  10. God and the Sinner
  11. The Heart of Stone and the Heart of Flesh
  12. The Human Side of Regeneration
  13. Repentance and Remission of Sins
  14. The Anointed One
  15. Confession
  16. Assurance
  17. Saving Faith and Assurance the Testimony from Scripture
  18. Union with Christ
  19. From Simon to Cephas
  20. Baptism in Water
  21. Baptism in the Spirit
  22. Baptism in Fire
  23. A Harvest of Light
  24. Progress of the Gospel
  25. The Spirits in Prison
  26. The Second Coming of Christ
  27. The Library of Heaven, or, the Opening of God's Books
  28. The Cotton Palace and Sunday Opening
  29. The Sabbath was Made for Man
  30. The Lord's Day is the Christian Sabbath

Standard history of Houston, Texas : from a study of the original sources (Edited by B. H. Carroll. Knoxville, TN: H. W. Crew & Co., 1912) or or

And about B. H. Carroll: Carroll, B. H. (Benajah Harvey), 1843-1914.[edit | edit source]

McDaniel, George W. A Memorial Wreath (Dallas: Baptist Standard, 1921)

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