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Welcome to BHCARLibrary Wiki

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This wiki is intended to show B.H. Carroll Theological Institute library users how to access, search, and troubleshoot the Carroll Library available in the CLC: Carroll Learning Center (and elsewhere).[edit | edit source]

How this works:[edit | edit source]

  • Choose a topic to learn how to access, search, or research with a specific CLC resource. And because this is a wiki, you can comment, edit, and adjust the text of these pages. Most work to date is by yours truly.
  • You can learn more. See the question 'What type of library does BHCTI have and where will it be?' on the Official Carroll homepage FAQ.

Topics to date[edit | edit source]

Special Topic: BHCTI Library Catalog (new October 1, 2011)

New Special Topic: Select Carroll Library Books on Open Library (new March 22, 2017)

Extra Special Topic: Carroll Portals (China, Vietnam, Russia, and others TBD) (new February 1, 2014)

Sudden Special Topic: Calamity Day Resources (Covid-19 and others) (new March 20, 2020)

Super Special Topic Carroll Dissertations coming to Theological Research Exchange Network: TREN (new November 24, 2020)

Topic 1: Carroll Learning Center (CLC)

Special Topic: EBSCO (new July 1, 2010)

Special Topic: Wilson Web (now searchable under EBSCO, beginning February 7, 2012)

Topic 2: OCLC FirstSearch (now with Spanish language content from Clase Periodica beginning August 5, 2014)

New Special Topic: Proquest Psychology Journals (beginning July 2014)

Topic 3: Seminary Library also know as:

Topic 4: Questia and available December 12, 2019: ProQuest Ebook Central

Topic 5: Oxford Reference Online

Fresh Special Topic: Oxford Biblical Studies Online beginning March 2019

Special Topic: Cambridge Histories Online

Topic 6: Grove Music Online update 8/1/11: offline

Special Topic: Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology (beginning July 2014)

Topic 7: Google Book Search

Topic 8: Online Resources and the updated Online Resources Revisited

Special topic: ICETE Global e-links

Topic 9: Ask a Librarian

Topic 10: Other official BHCTI library pages

Topic 11: Other unofficial BHCTI library pages

Topic 12: Article Searching

Topic 13: What if NexLearn doesn't have what I'm looking for?

Very Special Topic: Logos Bible Software

Very Special Topic: Accordance Bible Software

Additional Topics:

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